ACA Repeal

Will it be Repealed?

With the Republicans repealing the ACA. People across the nation are worried that the ACA will be repealed. According to David Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler of the Washington post,” With Republicans efforts to destroy the ACA now underway, several commentators have expressed something akin to cautious optimism about the effect of potential repeal.”(Himmelstein, Woolhandler). With the Republicans at hand, they are able to make new laws across the nation, and can repeal the ACA with another replacement. However, the Washington post also states,” The frightening fact is that Sander’s estimate that about 36 thousand people die if the ACA is repealed is consistent with well-respected studies.”(Himmelstein, Woolhandler). If the Republicans begin to remove the ACA, which they are currently doing, then there must be some sort of backup to help those 36 thousand people from dying. Currently, there is no replacement for the ACA.

What to do, if Affordable Healthcare Act is repealed?

It would affect the majority of the 19-and-over population. People who want to pursue their education are trying to avoid student debt. According to Emily Willingham of Forbes,“If we return to the days before ACA when staying on parental insurance required being enrolled as full-time, we are asking these people who are pursuing their education responsibly.”(Willingham). Repealing the ACA would mean if pursuing education means full time school, then you have to take responsibility to pay student debt. This will also qualify you for your own health and long term finances. Emily Willingham of Forbe says,“And obviously, any members of the 19-and-over population in this country who don’t attend college at all will be under threat of not having any health insurance coverage unless they gain it through their employer, a possibility that a repeal of ACA will erode significantly.”(Willingham). This proves that the effect of repealing the ACA will be rough on people pursuing their education because they would have to go to full time schooling, and find a way to pay their student debt by working.

What kind of path will the Republicans take to deal with the ACA repeal?

The path the Republicans are taking to deliver with the ACA is to remove it and replace it with a new one. According to MJ Lee, Ted Barrett, and Tom LoBianco of CNN,” The house is expected to take a swift vote on the resolution, possibly as early as Friday, which will trigger congressional committees to begin crafting a second bill that would roll back parts of Obamacare.”(MJ Lee, Ted Barrett, Tom LoBianco). Meaning, it would take time to repeal the ACA because if Republicans repeal it. Then they would need to work fast to replace ACA with something else. At the the same time MJ Lee, Ted Barrett, and Tom Lobianco say,” Republicans -- many of whom have expressed interest in maintaining the provision when they eventually replace Obamacare -- nevertheless blocked the Baldwin amendment, arguing it wasn't applicable to the underlying budget resolution.”(MJ Lee, Ted Barrett, Tom LoBianco). With this, President Donald Trump told reporters that a plan of replacing the act would be unveiled soon after his nominee of health and human secretary, Tom Price, is confirmed.

How would the Republican Congress replace the affordable care act if it were to go wrong?

The Republican Congress will need to act quickly. If it were to go wrong, then they must need a plan. According to proquest,” We need them to put ideology and partisanship aside and embrace commonsense solutions that will benefit all of us. We need them to work with Democrats and improve the ACA so that no one will ever die in this country again for lack of access to health care.”(Proquest). The idea is, the Republican Congress will need to work with Democrats to improve the ACA. To do this, they must wait until their secondary plan can come up with a path that they can repeal the ACA. According to proquest,”It doesn't have to be this way. The Affordable Care Act was never a left-wing idea. The central elements of it were invented by the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank. They were embodied in Mitt Romney's successful reform of health insurance in Massachusetts.”(Proquest). A lot of people think removing the ACA for a short period of time will affect them, but the people don’t realize that the ACA is working with a secondary to provide ACA for the people.

Would the ACA repeal affect other states?

According to WalletHub’s numbers,” WalletHub’s analysts compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across seven key indicators of both economic and coverage losses.” This shows information about data of growth in uninsured population by 2019 post-ACA repeal to potential economic impact due to premium tax credit and medicaid expansion. However, other evidence on WalletHub shows,” President Donald Trump on Jan. 20 issued an executive order to undo the ACA.” With this, Donald Trump will have to use a process known as “budget reconciliation” meaning rolling back large sections of the health law.

How would the benefit of of the ACA help out miners with black lung?

The ACA would benefit miners with black lung by keeping it. According to Lori Kersey of Explora," One amendment allows the spouses of miners who received federal black lung benefits to continue to get them after the miner's death."(Kersey). This explains if the ACA was repealed the widow of the husband's death of black lung would have a hard time getting any benefits for any financial uncertainty. If the ACA is repealed according to Hairston, vice president of the Fayette County Black Lung Association, said,"On top of that, if I die my wife will keep on getting black lung [benefits], but if [it's repealed] then she's got to keep fighting."(Kersey). Meaning, the widow of the husband will have financial problems in the future, and also families of the miner.

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