SEED ColleCtive

S - Socially

E - Engaging

E - Emergency

D - Drama

The SEED Collective, gathered together due to a common link - frustration.

Frustration with time, politics, the creative industry and finding the right team.

We will turn this frustration into action and create a collective of people with different skills that will make things happen.

Preaching to the converted?

To create work that will heal ‘the converted’.

All art is propaganda?

Whatever our work wants to tackle and whatever the art form, we will reach new audiences in an accessible way and create awareness.


Local, but global issues.


Non-profit, fair pay.

Who are we?

Danielle Cooper

Passions and Specialism

Politics, Writing, LGBTQA+ Rights, Intersectional Feminism, Addiction Recovery, Philosophy and Psychological Studies

Amelia Gardham

Passions and Specialism

Acting, Directing, Writing, Events Management, Hospitality

Tess Gool

Passions and Specialism

Writing, Art, Global Public Health, Environmental Issues, Politics, Journalism

Charmaine K

Passions and Specialism

Theatre Practitioner, Nature, Activism, Social Justice

Paul Lawless

Passions and Specialism

Actor, Theatre Practitioner and Maker, Events Producer, Young People’s Theatre, Community Engagement

Frank Leon

Passions and Specialism

Acting, Directing, Writing

Neelam Parmar

Passions and Specialism

Writing, Teaching, Intersectional Feminism, Acting, Mental Health Activism

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