Impact of the Montgomery Bus Boycott Lauren Lindahl

It's 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama. Segregation and discrimination are both in full swing, giving African Americans completely separate lives from whites. Restaurants, schools, even drinking fountains are segregated. One woman had enough of this and stood up for herself and other African Americans by refusing to give a white man her bus seat. That woman was Rosa Parks. Because of her actions, Parks was arrested, but her legacy lived on in other African Americans fighting for freedom from discrimination.

Rosa Parks getting arrested for not giving up her bus seat

These people faced ridicule, and harsh treatment from all people; including police. They were pushed around and taken advantage of; not getting a voice. In response, organizations like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) finally stood up for themselves and took control of the situation they were put in. African Americans did everything they could to achieve equal rights and Rosa Parks was a big influence for these people to finally take a stand against discrimination.

If Rosa Parks didn't stay sitting in her bus seat, who knows how long segregation would've lasted, or how much worse it would've gotten. "At The Henry Ford, curator Bill Pretzer, says, 'The story of Rosa Parks is a key story in our bigger story of social change'" (Detroit Free Press).

Similarity in 21st century

Colin Kaepernick started a "non- stand" during a live NFL football and didn't stand during the National Anthem

This ties into the Montgomery Bus Boycott because both Parks and Kaepernick stood (though they physically didn't stand) for a cause they believed in to start a movement and fight for something that they thought needed to change. Both believe/ believed in equal rights for all people and thought that it was time for a change in society and started something worth fighting for. Parks and Kaepernick both had immense impacts on people all over the country because of their one small act of courage; not caring what people thought of them or the ramifications. They were aware of the consequences that followed their actions. Parks faced jail time and Kaepernick faces trouble getting drafted onto NFL teams but no matter the issues, they stood up for themselves and others for a better future for the country.

It's sad to think that our country is still having this issue. An issue that has been going on for more than 60 years. An issue that future generations will have to deal with unless more people like Rosa Parks and Colin Kaepernick to take a stand and fight for equal rights.

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