Values-Based Goal Setting


This exhibit is about our own experience's on the in-class activity. This activity purpose was to help us find what we value most dearly in life. It also helped us build a set of short-term and long-term goals.


First we separate all the values in three groups(not valued,valued,really valued). After that we throw away all the values except the "Really Valued" ones and pick our top ten of that group. Next we pick our top five out of the top ten and after that pick our number one value that we value the most.

This is and video from Eric Thomas. He is a real powerful motivator speaker. In this situation he is talking to the Miami Dolphins on finding your "Why".


It was pretty easy to chose my top ten. It was faithfulness, Genuineness, Honesty, Courtesy, Family, Endurance, forgiveness, Humor, and Imagination. It really started to get hard when we had to chose out top five. My top five choices were faithfulness, Genuineness, honesty, courtesy, and family. When we had to chose one to be our number one it was pretty hard. My final decision was Honesty. The hardest ones to discard was family and forgiveness. Family and forgiveness were hard to give up because plays a big part of my life while growing up and if you don't have forgiveness you won't be able to forgive other and yourself if you made a mistake. That can drag you down somewhere you don't want to be. What surprise the most is that i didn't rally had a lot of 'Not valued" values.

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