Indian Call Centers By: Fatima Siddiqui


India is the second largest country in the world and has a population of 1.252 billion people in the world. 72% of it's population lives in rural areas because they have rural area to farm, then trade the stock that grows.


Even though India has a population larger than one billion people, only one third of it's population can read. Assumptions based off of this may say that a good future for India is doubtful, as the cause of this is because many of India's residents cannot afford an education.


Schooling in India works, though there are quite a few differences between Indian schools and American schools. Whether Indian schooling is good or bad depends on individuals' opinions. In my personal opinion, I feel that schools in India are fine, but a few things should change. (Unlike America, India had no common standards. In evaluation, each individual school must be studied by itself. Teaching methods, government school curriculum....etc).

Indian Call Centers

Call centers are places where special people answer calls from around the world, answering questions on a specific topic or thing. For example, Indian Call Centers answer questions about devices do America. According to my research, skills needed to work in a Call Center include patience, listening and communicating skills, and quick thinking. You must also know multiple languages. To enter a Call Center profession, you MUST have a high school diploma, must be 18, must have experience in the profession, must be able to pass a criminal background test, must have good reading and mathematical skills, some sort of college degree....etc.

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A study showed that many things happen in a Call center. Gossip, cheerful conversations, and close bondings are some of these things. 3 journalists that were sent to investigate in Call Centers said that many people who work there enjoy the ranting their callers. It seems that it cheers them up when they are having a bad day, and sometimes it throws their callers off when they agree with them.


Training to work in Call Centers are necessary. For instance, you must know how to speak English FLUENTLY to work in India's Call Centers so the callers won't have trouble understanding you. You must also be able to cover everything a caller may ask you.

People in Indian Call Centers get paid 20,000 rupees per hour, or about 294 American dollars.

India's Advantages Compared to America

The people in India who work in Call Centers have an atvantage over Americans because they have more knowledge on electronics than we do.


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