Florida Museum of Natural History by aLBERT TIEU

The exhibit that I found the most interesting was the underwater walkway section of the museum right after forest/swamp section. When you turn the corner you're in a completely different environment. The underwater noises and color of the room really helped immerse me into the environment. I was always fascinated by sea life and aquariums and it was really cool how the museum was able to transmit that underwater feeling without being an aquarium. I also learned more about the interactions among the different sea organisms such as symbiotic relationships.

Florida Museum of Natural History Underwater

The museum had an entire section for the extinct animals and species. I think it is an excellent section to have for the museum because it allows the visitors visualize and see the impact that the older human civilizations had on the organisms and their environment. It shows that we are part of large ecosystem and that we should, like Leopold believes, coexist rather than be conquerors. The museum also had a large section on the Native Floridian Tribes like the Calusa. It showed their lifestyle and beliefs as well as customs and traditions. I believe it did a great job of comparing our current lifestyles with theirs and allowed us to explore their ways of living.

Florida Museum of Natural History Calusa Hut

The butterfly garden that the museum had was an excellent way to demonstrate the majesty and beauty of nature and animals. The garden allowed the visitors to step into and observe the beauty of nature. From the variety of butterfly species to the surrounding environment, the visitors are able to take in many beautiful aspects. You were able to see the butterflies' eat, how they ate, and how they lived with other animals, like the birds that were also present in the enclosure. It was a really relaxing and enjoyable experience that gave the visitors a new breath of air and a pause from their busy lives to appreciate our surroundings.

Florida Museum of Natural History Butterfly Garden



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