During and a little after the Titanic. By: Jack Sammons

When we hit the iceberg it was around three thirty in the morning. At this time it was very windy and cold out. As my family was rushing to depart from the room, out of all things I left my jacket. As we were walking down the stairs I yell to my mum,
"Blast! I forgot my jacket. It was a clanger. If I do not have it I'll die of hypothermia.''
Once I got my jacket I went back to where my family was waiting but that part of the boat was already under water. I was gobsmacked, and I panicked and ran toward the half of the boat that wasn't sunk and started yelling for my family, ''Hello, can you hear me mum, dad?''
When I yelled there was no sound of my family. I knew I was having really hard lines. So I kept running until I saw the rescue boats. When I saw these I panicked again because I thought that maybe my parents had already gotten on one of the boats. I felt gormless about where they were. When one of the crew members was dropping a boat into the water and I felt a splash of water come up and hit me. This was when I realized just how cold the water actually was. I thought man it's monkeys outside!
Just after this I ran into my parents as a fluke looking for me. When I saw them they said,
''Sorry poppet the boat started sinking rapidly and we had to leave before we drowned to death.''
''I thought you had died or had a gammy body part! I thought I would go barmy,'' I replied. They are running out of rescue boats so we need to hurry back up to the front of the boat and catch a ride off this boat. After me and my family reunited we all ran toward the front of the boat to the rescue boats and hoped we would get jammy.
I said
''Mum, Dad there's only two rescue boats left hurry up, come on!'' While we were waiting for the crew to help us onto a rescue boat I looked around and saw sad faces. I also realized how dark it was outside, and began to tear up and feel gutted. I began to wonder why I ever fancied for my parents to take me on the Titanic for this tosh. I suddenly felt like honking.
Just after the the crew called us over and said come on this is your last opportunity to get of this sinking wonky ship.
'' Any road, lets go mum and dad'', I said. His parents replied ''Alright lets go!'' After they got onto the rescue boat they were able to get back to the local docking station fine. It was a very cold ride but we made it safely and I was chuffed to be with my family alive. My facial expression was unexplainable when we made it home, and I was knackered.

1.Mum.mom or mother 2.tosh-nonscence 3.barmy-crazy 4.clanger-mistake 5.knackered-exhausted 6.gobsmacked-blown away 7.wonky-unstable 8.gammy-injured 9.blast-an expression used in surprise 10.honking-throwing up 11.jammy-really lucky 12.har lines-bad luck 13.gutted-feeling really upset 14.gormless-clueless 15.fluke-by chance 16.poppet-kid/child 17.chuffed-pleased 18. It's monkeys outside-it's very cold out 19. fancied-desired 20. any road-any way


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