Angels of Topanga- Part 2 2016 - "Love thy Self"

More and more I come to see the underlying physics of our manifestations. The collective distortions upon the lens of one's perspective that must be clarified such that we may embrace the Love that lay beneath the surface. It is not lost on me that I encountered my birth family and the rising of the patterns connected to that in perfect timing after my opening to the True discipline and approach of Agape.

For me, the Journey Home is one of working with my personal vibratory signature in order to be in the embodiment of Grace in the form of fellowship, Abundance, synchrony and endlessly expansive circumstance.

Immediately after meeting Michael Beckwith at Agape, I discover that my mother is staying with my sister. As I arrive, I am demanded to embrace the Agape for the repeated pattern of my birth families distorted view of me. In the context of the physics of the Quest, this makes sense, for as I have come at last to being able to apply the Idea of loving the various octaves of the human condition and it's foibles, I am immediately confronted by the genesis of my anger and disappointment towards the Incarnate plane, manifest.

As per our earlier agreement, yogini Danielle arrives at Mimosas, graciously sharing her offerings of Kundalini Yoga, which I feel to be the next phase of my integration into the human condition.

After connecting with yogini Danielle, I am led to leave the sacred canyon and head to the Juicy Ladies establishment. Here, I encounter another of the avatars, who shares with me a video of part of his message.

Soon after this epic meeting I am requested to come to my sisters home yet again. It is a disharmonious, brutal experience filled with disappointment, where I end up desperately reaching out to one of the members of the Galactic, hoping for resonace yet finding nothing. True to the Quest, I strive to listen to what the Living Universe is saying to me, the divination of the next clearing I must do within the Self to have the ease of manifestation and fellowship that I desire.

It seems I am learning a lesson in communication with the various realms of the Creation. As best as I can intuit, there is a reflection in the field which suggests a more inquisitive and inviting space for beings to express their "truth" as they see it. Such is apparently a kind of diplomacy to the various degrees of awareness and process that exist around me.

Honour thy Mother

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