Renaissance war and weapons

Conrad kyeser's cannon

Weekly entry's

Charlie's Entry

Over the week I have read books and taken notes about weapons. I have chosen to write a blog about a war (Wars of Roses). I have also studied the weapons that were used very frequently during those wars so my fellow group mates can study. Over night I have added to my notes and studied weapons and wars. I also searched through the archives to find data and study our topic. The following week I plan to write a blog about the Wars of Roses.

Carlos’ Entry

Over the week I read the Weapons and warfare book while taking notes on the longbow. I chose to write about the longbow and gather pictures for it. I studied and took notes on e armor they wore. We shared all of our notes. Next week I plan to write a blog about longbows.

Chris’ Entry

Over the week I searched through and read a bunch of stuff from the databases and collected some notes from them. I also quickly browses over the Weapons and Warfare book and got a few notes. I chose to write a blog about the Thirty Years War and collected images for it. I also began to collect information on it.

Aiden's Entry

Over the week I read multiple books from the database such as The Renaissance, Warfare and Weapons, Arms and Armor, and Weaponry. I took notes from all of these books. I chose to write a blog about a weapon and the weapon that I chose was a cannon. I got a picture of a renaissance cannon and I am taking notes about the cannon.

Kiro’s Entry

Over the week I searched a bunch about gunpowder and guns and looked at the book of weapons and warfare and started the sparks page and all we have left is to collect all the information and put it into the sparks page and my blog is about guns and gunpowder and I already have ideas for the visual


Carlos’ Entry #2

This week I worked on notes on the trebuchet and I am planning on going with Aiden to make the cannon creative piece. Kyoto and Chris will work on the trebuchet creative piece and Charlie will make a 3D battlefield.

Charlie's Entry #2

This week I have written a blog on the nature of the wars during the Renaissance. My fellow group mates have discussed our creative pieces that we are going to make. I am going to make a 3D representation of a war during the Renaissance. I will be using little soldier toys. While Carlos and Aiden work on a mini cannon. Kris and Kyro will work on a trebuchet so it will make one big battle.

Aiden’s Entry #2

This the week I researched more in depth with the canon, which is what I am doing for my blog. We also decided who was doing what creative piece. Carlos and I are doing a cannon. Kyrollos and Chris are making a trebuchet. Charlie is making a scene.

Kiros entry

Over the week i was figuring out what supplies I needed to bring in and when and where we will be doing the project so Chris and I are doing a trebuchet Carlos and aiden are doing a cannon that actually shoots and Charlie is making a scene about the war that we will incorporate the cannon and trebuchet in the war

Chris entry 2

Over the week I worked to figure out what our creative piece is going to be as well as gaining more info to write my blog. I spent time reading about my topic in the war and weapons book to try and gain a deeper understanding of it. I also searched the sources for info.

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