Tears WHy do tears come out of your eyes when you cry?

Tears are salty because...

Tears are salty because the fluids in your body are a little salty, ( according to the this article “wikipedia” “fluids are to maintain your body’s internal pressure and to make sure your organs and other fluids interact properly”) , all of them have a little bit of salt dissolved in them,and that’s why one of your tears are the saltiest because one of your fluids are the saltiest in your body. You must have salt in your body so it can function properly because if you don’t have enough salt in your body you can get headaches,nausea, and fainting, also salt is in every cell in your body. According to this information “In an adult human there is about 250 grams of salt in the body”.

Is Crying Good for you?

Yes...crying is good for you?,well crying is good for you because it lets all the chemicals that are linked to stress flow out in your tears when you cry.We cry for many different reasons and all of them have different emotions and that’s why sometimes we cry when we are happy, sad, angry,scared or shocked.The tears from watering eyes help protect your eyes. They help by keeping them moist and washing out dust,and other things that go into your eyes.Tears come out of tears glands,or lacrimal glands(“ lacrimal glands are found up way under your upper eyelids and there is one in each eye” ).Some tears drain out your eyes through tear ducts or lacrimal ducts.The ducts are tiny tubes that run between your eyes and your nose, if tears are flowing quickly like when you’re crying

pretty hard, the ducts can’t drain them all so that’s why our tears run down our face when we cry really harD.

In conclusion we cry because we all have different emotions at different times so sometimes we can cry when we are happy sad or angry but that does not mean that crying is bad. Remember the next time you cry think about if it can be good or bad towards your health and your body.



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