Matthew Cavers The guide

Today I will be your tour guide around China and it's ancient artifacts. In order to do that I need your to pull out your time machine and travel back in time. Ring Bong Ding Zip Zap. Welcome this is ancient China 1664.

This is a Chinese Dragon told to bring good luck and fortune. They would dance on
This is unknown to few for it is the Great Wall of China for it kept out predators in the olden days.
This is a ancient Chinese building used for various things.
This is an ancient Chinese rocket they would use these as weapons against the enemy to blow them up.

These are the ancient Chinese beliefs and architecture. Some of these buildings were a breakthrough in architecture for example the great wall prevented enemies from getting into the cities. Now if you would all go back to the year 2615 with me. Ring Bong Ding Zip Zap. Welcome back to the year 2615 now go tell the world about ancient Chinese.

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