Marching for Freedom Equal Right march in selma

Cited Articles

  • "Showdown in Selma" ( Article #1 )
  • "Marching from Selma to Montgomery" ( Article #2 )
Edmund Pettus Bridge

Summary for Showdown in Selma

On Sunday, March 7, 1965, John Lewis and his group of 600 black people marched over Edmund Pettus Bridge ( in Selma Alabama). Unfortunately, Governor George Wallace ordered 200 police officer to not let them past. The marcher refused to turn around so, the police beat them with clubs and shot tear gas into the crowd of 600. From that day on, that day was called Bloody Sunday. The march's action will have a huge impact. In fact, T.V. viewers across the country watched the footage of the attack and were outraged. After that, thousands and thousands of people, black and white, from all over the U.S.A joined marchers, making it from 600 people to 3,000 people to joining the march.

Summary for Marching from Selma to Montgomery (mount-gum-er-e)

On Saturday night, there was a meeting before the march with more white than black. They marched 50 miles from Selma to Montgomery. The group changed from a crowd of 3,000 into a group of 300. That march caused a radical change, effecting the civil rights movement. After that, thousands of people joined the 300 marchers. The whites who have come from the North to join the marchers will never be the same again.

Compare and Contrasting the Two Articles

While the article called "Showdown in Selma" is a secondary source and says that there was 600 people marching on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, "Marching from Selma to Montgomery" is a primary source and states that there was 300 people marching. When "Showdown in Selma" says that George Wallace ordered the police to not let the marchers past and beat them with clubs and shoot tear gas if they refused, "Marching from Selma to Montgomery" didn't mention the attack. Both articles mentioned that the marchers walked 50 miles. They also both mentioned that the march made a huge impact on civil right movement and that thousands of people joined the march after seeing the footage of the attack.

Freedom is Free


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