Tumblr Diys 🔥 Zoie and Alyanna🔥

Tumblr Stickers

Materials: Printed or drawn images || Wax Paper || Clear Tape

Step 1: Cut out your printed images.

Step 2: On your wax paper, lay down a strip of clear tape. Make sure that your image can fit inside of the strip.

Step 3: Lay the bottom of your image on top of the first strip. Using another strip of tape, cover the top of the image completely.

Step 4: Cut it out leaving a little tape around the image.

Step 5: Once cut, peel off the wax paper and you are left with a sticky side.

Step 6: Now that you have made your sticker, you can stick it onto anything such as your books, phone cases or any other item you would like.

We used our stickers to decorate our books.

Nutella Scented Pencils

🍫 + ✏️

Materials: Plain wooden pencils || brown/red/white/black paint || Nutella || Glue || Nutella logo || Clear tape

Step 1: Mix brown and a little black paint together to create a dark brown. Paint the top dark brown stopping near the middle to leave space for the white. Paint the bottom brown as well and also stopping near the middle. Use white in the middle and paint the very bottom white too. Where the white meets the brown, paint a thin red line. (Use the 3rd picture as a reference) We did 2 coats on all pencils and used a blow dryer to speed up the drying time.

Step 2: Get equal parts of glue and Nutella and mix together until they combine. The glue should now have a Nutella scent.

Step 3: Paint the brown parts only with the glue and Nutella mixture. Do as much coats as you need to create a stronger scent. Let it dry.

Step 4: Finally, get your logo's and stick it face down onto the clear tape. Trim around the logo to remove extra tape. Make sure you leave some tape so it can stick better onto the pencil. Place the logo in the centre of the white space and you are done.

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