Imperialism A brief descriprion

Imperialism is known mainly for one thing, It is basically the dominance of a smaller country by a somewhat larger in power country.
The Annexation of Hawaii.

On of the most important examples of imperialism in America is the Annexation of Hawaii. Hawaii was a small land in comparison to the United States of America, so it hadn't a chance to fight back when the U.S. was taking its power.

Great Britain

One of the most greatest imperialists in history were the British. They took complete power from India, Canada, Egypt, Canada, and many more to come.

Imperialism Africa

In the 1870s Belgian king asked for a trade with the Congolese people and this single act lead to the start of other nations with power to start imperialism in Africa.

Japan Imperialism China

China was imperialized by a couple of European Powers. But Japan was the greatest imperialist in All of Asia at the time. Before that, the Mongols were taking over the powers of nations on behalf of the greatness of its power.

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