Faith in Us An aesthetic portrayal of togetherness


What better concept than what you know best?



Premiere Pro

After Effects

After Effects was crucial in compositing animation and footage into the same shot


Special Thanks

Special thanks to John Pish, Kishawn Davis, Zena Vue, Stephanie Saavedra, Athena Ashford, Vincent Yerger, Robby Perkins, Aaron Cummings, Jordan Hernandez, Latya (who even knows her last name), Chrstian Zarcone, Kylie Foley, Gurvir Riar, Andrew Trevino, Pedrum Bahrami, Joe Perez, Taylor Burgess, James Leong, Dalton Ryan, EJ Dickson, Other Dylan, Ram Ramos, Claire Domm, Mr. Chambers, Mrs. Jantzen, Mr. Love

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