Steve Jobs By Monica De Carlo 3'A

In this presentation I'm going to talk about Steve Paul Jobs. He was born in San Francisco on February 24th 1955 and dead in Palo Alto on October 5th 2011. He founded Apple Computer with his friend Steve Wozniak. He was an important business-man and he created Pixar Animation and some big companies.

His idea of computer with mouse was a big innovation in information technology. In June 29th 2007 Jobs presented the first "Iphone", a revolution in communication.

Steve Jobs had 4 sons and 2 wifes. He was "Man of the year" in 2010 by Financial Times. He said the famous sentence "Stay hungry stay foolish" at Stanfords University in 2005.

Now I'm going to talk about his experience at school. Steve Jobs went to Reed College in portland only for 6 months. He decided to go to work in Atari Corp.

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