That-One-Gay-Fish Crappy art blog

Hi. Welcome to my crappy art blog. If you're here, that means you probably know my Tumblr account. This website will be pretty much the same, exept focusing on my (aweful) art. My style varies, since I haven't really found my own style yet :P. If you're looking for constant style, check out AwkwardAdorableAlly.

Look at these boys. Credit to the creator of the original 'base'
Another draw the squad. Credit to original artist, and man does he look pissed.
A pestle version of my sprite (the way I draw myself)
Guess who drew some fanart for 'in a heartbeat'
Look it's a smol
For Mother's Day, my mom.
For my dad's birthday, my dad.
For my own entertainment, me.
To finish off the family, my sister.
A request by one of my followers. Assistant from Gloomverse.
My best friend Ally, for her birthday.
My new tumblr icon.
Happy idahot. :)
I felt a little down, so I drew this.
Co2 dragster designs for wood tech.
Vivian with wicked ass eyebrows.
Trying to prove a point to an asshole in class.
In celebration of me upgrading my drawing app, here's nick.
And then I drew Vivian.

Guess who's doing requests! It's me! Go to my tumblr (link at the top) and send me an ask! Or not I mean that's okay aswell.

Introducing you to Ryhes.
Exhibit A, Sukafu.
Exhibit B, Vivian.
Kamatayon, for short, kam.
Look at these assholes who all in some way represent my emotions.
Here's the nerd one of them.
Sukafrick being lowkey pissed at pretty ,much everything
Idk the second
Me and ally
My sister
Some lips
Guess it's some darkness aesthetic or something
My motivation

I almost got 90 notes on that crap fan art I did of 'in a heartbeat'........... damn guys :u:

A fusion between me and my friend Mikaila
Drew this at like 10 at night.
A fusion between me and my friend Ally (link to they're tumblr at the top)
Getting a feel of the character ._.

I guess I'll post some fusions between me, ally, mikaila and my other friend Bella.......


That's an upside down orange with extra shrubbery.

Not a pineapple.

I drew the main ones again.

I made some gifs....

Made this with Ma friend

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