The Indian Superman Shelby lubowicki

drawing by Shelby A Lubowicki

I drew this picture based off of Sherman Alexie's "Superman and Me" story. In his writing, he explained that he fell in love with books by reading Superman comics. At the end of his narrative, he revealed that he was visiting Native American schools to share his love of reading with them. He stated "I am trying to save our lives." To me, the connection of Alexie and Superman came together more than just the comic. Alexie is a persona of Superman. Thus, this is why in my drawing I included the classic face of Superman with an Indian hair style and feathers. This emphasizes Alexie as a Native American superhero. For some reason, this story stuck out to me. When reading it, I was intrigued by the title and the appearance of the classic comic. How Alexie correlated it to teaching and reading made the narrative heart warming and heart breaking at the same time. I kept thinking to myself, I hope someone saves those children.

Created By
Shelby Lubowicki


Created with images by cnstnt - "canyon antelope canyon usa" Drawing by Shelby A Lubowicki

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