Hootsuite Certification Experience Kathryn Thomas

This week, I became Hootsuite Platform Certified! I have been slowly taking the courses, but I finally bit the bullet and took the certification exam and passed on the first try! I am very proud and excited to share my experience with you!

What did you learn from Hootsuite?

I learned a completely new platform! At first I was very intimidated by all the details of what Hootsuite can do, but after I took the courses and learned more about it, I felt more comfortable using it. There are so many things that hoot suite offers, and now I know how to utilize them!

What was your favorite lesson?

My favorite lesson was learning about Instagram. I didn't quite understand how to post to Instagram, but now I know that you have to post it in your feed. While it would be ideal to be able to post in Hootsuite, it does give you the ability to remind yourself when to post, and open up the editing aspect of a post.

What was your favorite topic covered?

My favorite topic was learning about how to create campaigns. I have always wanted to create content and graphics for a campaign, but I am not very good with photoshop and other design platforms. The simple templates make it easy to get started, and the best part is that it is all under the same platform.

Would you recommend this program to other students?

Absolutely! Hootsuite has so much to offer, but it is complicated at first. The courses offer short videos and informational articles that you can view at your convenience. It is a great program to use for yourself, and especially for future employers. The exam was a little difficult, but it is a great feeling that I can go into an interview and confidently say that I am Hootsuite Platform Certified.

Thanks for reading friends!

If you have any questions about Hootsuite, feel free to ask me!

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