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Alexander the Great is known as one of the greatest leaders of all time. He took on a huge role at a young age, and was very successful. He traveled almost 10,000 miles and conquered a lot of land for Greece. On another hand, some think he wasn't great at all, and made many mistakes as leader. Was Alexander the Great really great?

Early Life

He was born in Macedonia in 356 B.C.E. to Philip II of Macedon, and a Macedon women, who wasn't Greek. Aristotle was Alexander's tutor when he was young, so he grew up very educated. His education with Aristotle gained him much knowledge of science, language, astronomy, math, and more.

Beginning of Alexander's Ruling

Some considered Alexander to be illegitimate to take on the throne after his father died since he wasn't fully Greek, but he took on the throne anyways. He was 20 years old when he took on this role. At the beginning of his ruling, Thebes had a rebellion against Alexander, and he destroyed the entire city so Greece would know that he was a powerful ruler. While he was in control, he showed no mercy to any of his enemies or those under his power.

Conquering Land

Alexander conquered many places while he was ruler, and traveled over 10,000 miles to gain new land for Greece. He was in control of Greece, India, Persia, and Egypt by the end of his ruling. He combined rituals and cultures from the 4 countries and turned them all into one culture, called Hellenistic culture.


Alexander died in June of 323 B.C.E. in Babylon. The cause of his death is unknown, but it has been narrowed down to being poisoned, or catching malaria or typhoid fever by historians. He passed away after suffering a high fever which lasted 10 days.


Alexander the Great was a great leader, although not the best person. He had a great military and was a wonderful leader to his troops but was a ruthless man and had no consideration for citizens of the land he conquered. He will go down in history as one of the greatest military leaders of all time, but wasn't necessarily a good person overall.

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