Rome conqueres Italy

Romes wars with its neighbors did not stop with the elimination of the Etruscans. Rome always seems to be at war with one or more of the neighboring city states. At first, these wars are mainly with the Latins. As time goes on, the Latins are conquered. The Romans turn their attention to the next group of people and their city states as they move across and then down the Italian peninsula.

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The conquering Romans have a very special method they use. First, they declare war on someone. Second, they offer them the opportunity to surrender.

If they surrender, nothing will happen to anyone. The Romans take over the city state and run it. The richest people in the city state are made Roman citizens. This offer help to get the rich to change sides rather than risk their wealth. The rest of the people get to keep some of their property, their homes, their jobs, and their shops. Of course, they have to pay special taxes to Rome and provide soldiers for the legions. But there is no distraction, and there are no mass deaths.

If, the city state decides to fight, the Romans wage war. The Romans fight to win. The Romans fight to punish. The Romans fight to win. The Romans fight to punish. The Romans fight to destroy. The Romans fight to conquer. When they win, they kill all the important citizens and their families. Then they take most of the good land. The Romans send excess farmers from Rome to take over and farm the best land.

Finally, once the Romans control a city, they build roads that connect it to Rome. This allows the Roman army to move rapidly to any city where there might be rebellion.

It is a slow process. Sometimes, the Romans lose battles. But the Romans always end up winning the war. In this way, The Romans slowly expanding their control over almost all of Italy.As the Romans reach Sutherland Italy, they meet two new powerful people. First, there are the Greeks who colonized southern Italy. The Romans fight many battles before they can defeat the Greeks. At last, the Greeks are forced to leave Italy.

After fighting with the Greeks, the Romans come up against the rising power in the Western Mediterranean. This power is the city state of Carthage. At first, the Romans and the Carthaginians arrive at an agreement. They divide up the area. Each promises to stay in its own part. It is a great idea, but the piece will not last for long.

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