Study Strategies & retrieval practice Common exhibit #3

For my first method of use, I used flashcards. I have used flashcards before, but I had never used them correctly. Before I learned about this exhibit, I would write the flashcards the day before the test, and then never look them up again. However, when I did them the past few times I have made them as I read through my text book. Then, I study them every night before bed. I really work hard on them and I try to rewrite them from memory. I used the flashcards mostly for Spanish since most of my questions involved vocabulary words. Using the flash cards actually increased my quiz grades, but not my tests grades.

I used online flashcards and physical flashcards, but I can't find my last quiz flashcards.

My second method, I used mind maps. I would read and take notes, look over my notes, and then try to recite the information from memory. I used this on my econ test and I did not see a major change in my grade, however it was an extremely fun way to learn and I really enjoyed trying it. I probably will use it again as an aid to my other studying. Personally it just didn't feel like enough.

Now for my third method, I used self testing. I have never used this method before really. I usually print out the practice test and the answers and then just look at the answers when I get stuck. This time I used it for my chemistry test and retook the test 3 times at different days of the week before my test. I liked it because I couldn't just remember the answers, but I could figure out how to do it.

I used all three of these methods and an Econ exam this semester and I ended up receiving a grade 10 points higher than my last grade. That made me extremely excited.

I wish that my tests scores would increase the way my quizzes have. I think this is due to the fact that quizzes are more about memory than learning the material itself. For things like chemistry, I have a tough time doing the work on the exams because the wording is so different. In order to change that I have been working practice problems not only from my professor, but also from the internet with simple practice problems. Economics is more about knowing the concepts so I am going to work on the concepts in general and categorizing the informations. My teacher can sometimes go too fast or get off topic so I like to go over my notes after class and then categorize all the information before the exam. Spanish is simply vocabulary so I think I just haven't put in enough time to studying for the past 2 exams as I should.

I think testing out different study skills was extremely beneficial! I enjoyed learning new skills and ways to study. When I found new ways to study I actually enjoyed studying, which is a plus because I have extreme ADD. I think I will continue to try out different methods throughout my time at Clemson and any other schooling I may choose to go to.


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