Dovitia (that in the ancient Latin language means wealth and abundance) has been improving its activities in the Venetian region, more specifically Vicenza’s area, since the early stages of 2015.

The Organization’s strength originates from an enterprising and dynamic team that merged their decennial technical, consulting and marketing experiences in the wine business, thus allowing this ambitious project to take shape.


In first instance, Dovitia, foreseeing the increasing demand of Prosecco in the market, coordinated to collect into its productive place the finest selection of grapes originating, besides from the owned family productions, from a number of smaller producers located within the Treviso province that, thanks to the professional support of a great oenologist, became the exclusive and remarkable line of BonaDea Sparkling Wines and Dovitia Vini Selection.


The name BonaDea was specifically chosen by Dovitia as a tribute to the Great Mother Earth that since ever, thanks to its generosity, allows every year the harvest of good and rich crops.

The own produced BonaDea wines, today comprise:

  • Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg and Prosecco Doc – the most famous and requested sparkling wines on Earth
  • Gran Cuvée sparkling wine – ideal for every occasion
  • White still wines, including Pinot Grigio Doc Veneto and Chardonnay Igt Veneto
  • Red still wines among which is remarkable the Cabernet Franc Igt Veneto, a very characteristic grape cultivated in Conegliano area, that is located right on the border between the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia Regions.

As time passed by, given the very positive initial results on BonaDea sales, Dovitia decided to proceed with the implementation of the second step of its plan.

The company opened-up to other local small selected Italian wine producers not yet known to the international markets, so giving them the opportunity to start a profitable cooperation.

Dovitia took on itself the tasks, practices and all necessary services in order to allow also their production to reach and meet the needs of numerous customers, even outside their regions of influence.

This expansion plan promoted by Dovitia found great consent among the members of the consortium, because many Italian quality cellars are nowadays still run on an “old fashioned” rural model of business, and their management teams often are non-experienced in international practices and affairs, especially because the elder generations are not fluent in foreign languages.

Today the Consortium has available within its portfolio boutique wines originating from almost every Italian region.


Dovitia is extremely careful to learn and consider the needs of its customers.

In today’s globalized market where almost every product is already available, the ability to provide tailor-made services becomes essential to win the trust and consent of the customers.


Dovitia, since the very beginning of its activities partnered with a design and marketing company with which develops marketing campaigns and personalized works commissioned by its numerous customers.

This particular setup further allows Dovitia’s customers to benefit of special rates for the preparation of websites, personalized objects, labels and marketing materials.


Thanks to the large products’ selection available within the company’s warehouses, Dovitia grants to its customers the capacity to arrange single shipments of assorted products.

The consortium gives every customer the opportunity to purchase, from a single supplying point a selection of wines that otherwise would require the buyers to cover a lot of costs for traveling and logistics.

Additionally Dovitia, thanks to its consolidated relationships with transportation companies, can easily provide special quotations and also arrange deliveries worldwide to ASWP.


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