Rot and Ruin By Jonathan Maberry

The book takes place years after the zombie apocalypse. There is a town that is border off from the zombies,the place outside the town is call "Rot and Ruin"

Benny is a fifteen year old boy who always hated his brother and for not helping his mother during the zombie apocalypse.Who couldn't hold a job. He can't never omit that he has a crush on Nix.

Benny brother, Tom, is a uptight guy who wants his bother,Benny, to join the family business. But he is secretly a zombie hunter.

Nix is one of Benny group of friends. She was always one of the boys until she started growing up.

Morgie and Chong are one of benny best friends. Both of them are hyper guys. Chong is always with Benny looking for a jobs.

Brother David is one the characters Tom and Benny meet when Benny first leaves the town that was protected him from the zombies.

Brother david is a priest who doesn't like how Tom kill zombies. But he doesn't do anything about it.

The story begins with a baby Benny being rushed out with his brother.His parents were getting attack by zombies. Fifteens years later. Benny is trying to find a job with his friend, Chong.Every Since the "First Night", he always hated his brother not going back to help his mother from the zombies.

Now Benny and Tom have to figure how they are going to survive in the world without their parents.

Personal Reaction: My reaction to this book made feels happy, worried, excited, and me want to read more.


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