Screen Writer By Allison Dickson

I have chosen to research a career as a scriptwriter. This career interests me because I love writing and feel as though I have a lot to say that others might want to hear.

Nature of Work

Scriptwriters can work in a group or on there own depending on who they are working for.

Working Conditions

Can work where ever when ever they want. Normally inside and one place.

Training & Preparation

Need a high school diploma but going to college can be helpful


Every writer gets paid differently. It all depends on why you are writing and how many producers buy copies of it.

Job Outlook

Script writing will be around for a while. Without script writers we wouldn't have television shows, if we did they wouldn't have any sound.

Related Occupants

If writing scripts doesn't work out I could always write for broad casting, motion pictures, or continuity.

There isn't any requirements on what to wear.

This field of work is more competition than advancement. With a break through you are more likely to earn more than someone who is just entering the field.

I feel this job is accurate for me just because I can work wherever, whenever I want, there isn't much schooling required and I enjoy writing.

Created By
Allison Dickson

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