Good Life tour of the Harn ALYSSE ALEJANRO

Alejandro, Alysse. Good Life Medium of the Art

Medium of the Art: Seeing Old Man's Cloth in person showed me how intricate this piece was. Seeing the grandiose amount of bottle tops it took to create this piece is only appreciated when viewing the large tapestry in person. The metallic tapestry nearly takes up the entire wall and is made up of the metal bottle tops of liquor bottles, each held together by similar metallic chains. From far away the piece looked like an unordinary metallic sheet, however the intricacy of the work once viewed from up close made me pause as I began to understand the hardship and time it must've taken to create such a large art piece.

Alejandro, Alysse. Good Life Design of the Museum.

Design of the Museum: The wing of the museum that involved an outside portion of nature was my favorite part. It's vibrant sunlight and the ability to be surrounded by nature instantly brought me happiness and made me want to stay there as long as possible. The exhibit made me appreciate the art of nature just as much as the Natural History Museum did.

Alejandro, Alysse. Good Life Art and Core Values

Art and Core Values: After recent events in US politics, my feminist views sky rocketed. Seeing this piece encouraged my strong feminist views and showed me the power behind the mindset and movement. It's satirical approach highlights the problems between the art community and female inferiority.

Alejandro, Alysse. Good Life Art and the Good Life.

Art and the Good Life: The theme of seeking a good life is clearly represented in the video behind me. The group of people behind me are simply dancing and enjoying the movement, seeking happiness in simplicity. It further proved to me that seeking the good life means to seek a happy state of mind. The groups joy without technology, money, or drugs impacted my understanding of seeking a positive state of mind and appreciate the little things.

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