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Once again, the Trump administration is attacking trans people, the entire LGBTQ+ community and people who need access to abortion services.

A rule proposed by the Trump administration would undermine enforcement of the Affordable Care Act's landmark nondiscrimination provision, known as Section 1557 or the Health Care Rights Law. While not actually repealing this section of the ACA—only Congress can do that—this rule would send the wrong message to health care providers, who could believe they have been given a green light to discriminate.

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This would especially harm

  • Trans and gender-nonconforming people, who already experience significant obstacles to accessing all health care
  • LGBTQ+ people who do not conform to traditional sex stereotypes
  • People who need abortions or have had abortions in the past
  • People with limited English proficiency, who need language access services

Take action and submit comments before August 13!

There are a number of organizations collecting comments in opposition to the Trump administration's proposed undermining of the Health Care Rights Law. Check out the following sites and make your voice heard!

Email dfrost@communitycatalyst.org if you would like your comment portal added to the list below!

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