Photographer By: Nelya Khmaruk

Photographers take photos of people, places and objects with different cameras and equipment on a regular basis. Some photographers edit and develop there own photos. Some photographers take pictures at weddings while others work for galleries.

Many work around 35-40 hours a week but sometimes there are irregular times. Job can require to work outdoors and indoors but if you prefer one than the other than usually you can work where you want.

If you have your own business than there is no uniforms. However most photographers would wear professional but comfortable clothing. If you are at a wedding or a special event you would tend to dress more fancy than if it were at your own studio

College is not required, however it is a good idea to have a broad technical understanding of photography. It is also very useful if you take as much art and photography classes in high school. Somethings that will make your photography career more successful is to have good eyesight, good color vision, patient, accurate, and to enjoy working with detail.

Salary ranges from $14,640 - $24,040 and sometimes $49,920 plus. It all just varies on the photographers prices and if it is your own business than you would get to control the prices.

With practice and the amount of years you work than the more likely people would want to use you as their photographer.

About 131,000 are photographers in the united states and each year it increases. a little more than half of the photographers are self employed.

photo editor- edits the photos for the photographer photo journalist- News and event photograph who's photos tell a story photo stylist- sets the background and does the props for the photographer

I think it is a good job for me because i am artistic and have a imagination. i also love taking pictures and capturing moments. I would not mind working indoors or outdoors and i rather be up and taking pictures then sitting behind a desk.

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