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Hi. I have never done anything like this, i mean i write all the time but i never share with people. So I'm really scared and to be honest i don't know what i'm doing, but i think this will be good for me so here we go.

For right now I don't want to say my name for safety reasons of course but anyways i'm a photographer, animal lover, student, special effects makeup artist hopefully someday and a writer of course. I don't know who would read this but I sure hope someone will otherwise I just be talking to myself and that'd just be sad. I don't really know what a normal blog is so i'm just winging it. Well I spent all night on YouTube and yes I am well aware that i'm addicted to the internet. while I was trying to stay awake this morning i got a crazy idea to start a blog. I meant why not I write all the time someone might as well read it right? And my therapist seems to enjoy what i write so why not, it may help me not feel so alone. I mean i was trying to make this a happy blog where I don't bring up my problems but i guess it's too late now. I have been having problems with anxiety and depression, maybe you can relate to that maybe you can comment. Can you even comment on this site I don't even know I so new to this and still trying to figure it out. But this was just my introduction blog to kinda get to know me. So if you liked this then tell me and maybe this blogs will be a regular thing. Bye<3

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