Groceries During a Pandemic how grocery stores have been dealing with covid-19, through a customer's and employee's point of view.

The store has become far more busier within the past three weeks. Shelves are empty and lines have become much longer.
"We're working a lot harder. Some of us are wearing gloves. Also, we have to go to aisles a lot to tidy them up because they're so disorganized or emptying." - Olivia Costolo, Cashier.
"Customers have been more social. They talk about how crazy it is and ask questions about restocks. I get thanked a lot for working which never happened before." Olivia Costolo, Cashier.
"Well our hours have changed, we're only open till six pm. So I imagine I'll be working less. plus so many customers have stocked up so much that they'll have no reason to come back. That, or we won't have anything left." Olivia Costolo, Cashier.
This shelf now empty, as it used to hold toilet paper.
Toilet paper has been a hot commodity since the beginning of the outbreak in America. Stores have been struggling to keep up with stocks.
"It's kinda good we're all quarantined. The Corona Virus has stressed me to go to work, because everyone's touching the food, then I touch it when it gets checked out, then it gets touched again when they put it back in the car." - Zack Dean, Front End
Canned food, along with paper towels, toilet paper, pasta, and dish soap have been some of the most purchased items according to store workers.