CRASH!!-Onomatopoeia By: Daylene Adams

In Mrs. Gilpin's class we have been learning about different Figurative Language types.

This is an example of a simile always use like or as.

In a metaphor you are not aloud to use LIKE or AS this is a important rule in Figurative Laugange

Guess what this is... this is personification "the lighting danced across the sea."

I ate a mile long ice cream!! Is a example of a hyperbole.

The lighting bolts went CRASH!! This is a drawing that I drew for onomatopoeia.

Oh crap was that today?? This is a example of allusion because this is apart of the bible.

American idioms drive me up the hall!! Is a example of a idiom. Hint Hint... Idiom is in the sentence.

Paige's polish pours profusely is a example of alliteration.

Have a perfect rest of the day!!


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