Newton's Laws of Motion in Basketball By: Ashley lucarini

Newton's first law of motion states that an object at rest tends to stay at rest, while an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless an external force acts upon it. This law appears in basketball when the player is shooting the ball. When the player is holding the ball, the ball is at rest but when a player shoots the ball, they use force to throw the ball in the hoop. When the ball goes through the hoop and comes down it bounces a few times then stops because no external force is acting upon it. Also when the ball hits the backboard the force of the backboard slows the ball down some. This is how Newton's first law in presented in basketball.

Newton's second law of motion is known as Acceleration = Net Force/Mass. This is used in basketball when a player passes the basketball. If they use too much force when passing the basketball, it will go flying past the player it was intended to go to because the mass of the basketball is light. But if little force is applied to the throw of a basketball, it won't reach the player that is waiting for the pass and the other team could easily take the ball. So players have to be careful with the amount of force they use. This is why in basketball when passing newton's second law is very important.

Newton's third law of motion states for every force, there's an equal reaction force in the opposite direction. This law of motion is applied in basketball when the players run up and down the court. When a player runs across the court they put force on the court floor. The court floor has to much mass for the player to move it so the force travels back to the player and propels them forward

These pictures show players running across the court also seen as newton's third law of motion


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