St. Agericus SaInt of December 1 ("saint of my bIrthday")

Birth and death dates: St. Agericus was born in Verdun, France around 512. He died at age 76 in 588.
Patronage: St. Agericus was a patron of the poor. He especially took care of the poor in Verdun, France. He also became an advisor for a king. St. Argericus worked as a bishop and a miracle worker. Celebrated: St. Agericus is celebrated in the church on December 1.
Interesting facts: Agericus was born into a poor family. He grew up with his family on a farm. St. Agericus was known for his kindness and generosity to the poor. His mother named him Agericus which comes from the word agricultural. She gave him this name because she was in the fields working the crops when she birthed him.
Prayer: I pray for the poor and we pray that they will find their way. Help me to be generous while helping those in need. St. Agericus pray for us. Amen

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