Flag Salute Area By:Valentina

My favorite place on campus is the flag salute area.I love how there is a mini fountain. I also like the reading area.One of my favorite places in the flag area is the flag of the United States of America. I remember my first day in St. Stephens when the first place I went was to flag salute. I got to meet all the kids in the school by seeing all new faces. I love that every morning we go down to flag salute and say the pledges and hear important things that are happening around the school. That's why the flag salute are is my favorite place on campus.

This is the ornament that I made showing my favorite place on campus. We hanged them up on our Christmas tree in the classroom.
This is my diamanté poem.
These are some flags up at the Flag Salute area.


This is another part of the Flag Salute area.

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