Jefferson Davis By: Zachary Malone

The Birth Of Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Finis Davis was born in Christian County, Kentucky on June 3,1808

Early Life Of Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis grew up on a plantation near Mississippi,so he was used to the southern lifestyle. As a kid he went to a high school in Kentucky . He then left home and went to Jefferson College in Mississippi, eventually he left Mississippi and transferred schools and went to Transylvania University in Kentucky. When he was younger most of his family had already fought in previous battles like the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

Challenges Davis Faced

When Davis was sixteen years old President James Monroe asked him to join the military at that age. Davis didn't know if he should leave to fight or stay with his family. When he was older he went to West Point Academy and graduated in the twenty third class. For Davis the hardest part was leaving his family to fight in the military.

Important Things He Did

After leaving the military Davis started a career in politics as a Democrat . His speeches became very powerful in the United States and caused a stance in Texas being annexed into the United States of America. In the 1840's he went back to the military and fought in the U.S. and Mexican War.After the war he again went back to the career of politics and ended up becoming the President of the Confederate Army in the Civil War.

Contribution in American History

Davis contributed in American History by helping the United States annex Texas in 1845. Davis also contributed in leading the Confederate to four won battles in the Civil War.

What I Admire About Jefferson Davis

What I admire about Jefferson Davis is that he had a stance in annexing Texas in 1845 and today Texas is one of the most heavily populated states in the U.S.

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