Keepin' it clean by: Ryder harris and Gretchen Turner

The SHS marching band raised over $1,800 on Saturday, Aug. 28 while washing cars at Beck's Service Center

Juniors D.J. Ranieri and Jasmine Alexander promote the fundraiser. Photo by Ryder Harris
Freshman Parker Costello waves at the camera after scrubbing the front of a car. Photo by Gretchen Turner
Junior Rachel Borho rinses off a car from a distance. Photo by Ryder Harris
Junior Eli Honey smiles at the camera while he scrubs the back of the car. Photo by Ryder Harris
Honey holds a sign above his head to bring in more customers. Photo by Gretchen Turner
Freshman Austin Paro wipes down the hood of a car. Photo by Ryder Harris
(Left) Junior Maddy Thacker wrings out a sponge over the top of a car. Photo by Ryder Harris (Right) Junior Daniel Bayler and Costello dry off a car after being washed and rinsed. Photo by Gretchen Turner