A Few Words of Advice Just a thought from my MIND.

But a life worth living is not too hard to FIND.

Yes, you'll face hardships and a great deal of PAIN.

But what truly matters in the end is what you'll OBTAIN.

What has brought you stress and denied you of COMFORT?

These things in life are what often most HURT.

My discomfort came from a place that will not be FORGOTTEN.

A place that slowly turned from sweet to ROTTEN.

Time was pushed farther and farther into my personal SPACE.

It was pretty uncomfortable and I felt out of PLACE.

Do what you love and love what you DO.

The best things in life are defined by YOU.

I love every aspect of my life and the way that I LIVE.

So try and open yourself up to a new PERSPECTIVE.

Don't let others mold you into what they want you to BE.

Be proud of being who you are, that's what makes me, ME.

So take what you will from this lesson my FRIENDS.

Because you and only you will decide how your life ENDS.

Created By
Eric Morris


Created with images by dierk schaefer - "Brain"

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