Voltaire By, mackenzie, Connor, Sidney, SAVANNA, Madeline

Voltaire’s philosophy is he believed passionately in reforming society in the name of justice and human happiness.

Our philosopher is Voltaire, or Francois-Marie Arouet.

Voltaire was a French man of thought who was most strongly influenced by British Empiricism and attacked the philosophers of Continensome

Some people did agree with his philosophy, but others did not.

The impact that his philosophy left on his country was that he envisioned a secular, tolerant society and emphasized progress through scientific advances and social and political reform, and through transcending the confines of religious dogma and superstition.

The impact that his philosophy left on other countries was American thinker Thomas Jefferson, which made him demand that freedom of religion and free speech be included in the U.S. Bill of Rights.

The end

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