Tidal Power by Ally eder and walter snodgrass

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  • Once tidal power is built it's free
  • Produces no harmful waste or pollution
  • Requires no fuel
  • Produces power reliability
  • Not costly to maintain
  • Tides can be easily predicted
  • Underwater turbines and vertical- axis turbines are not extremely expensive to build and have little impact on the environment
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  • A barrage across an estuary is very expensive to build, and affects a very wide area - the environment is changed for many miles upstream and downstream. many birds rely on the tide uncovering the mud flats so that they can feed. Fish can't migrate, unless "fish ladders" are installed
  • Only provides power for around 10 hours each day, when the tide is actually moving in or out.
  • There are a few suitable sites for tidal barrages.
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How It Works

Tidal stream generators are very similar to wind turbines except their below the water surface instead of above or on land. The turbine and generator converts the movement of water coming from change in tide, the kinetic energy, into electricity.

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Tidal Energy Is Renewable

Special buoys, turbines, and other technologies can capture the power of waves and tides and convert it into clean, pollution-free electricity. Like other renewable resources, both wave and tidal energy are variable in nature. Waves are produced across the surface of the ocean.

Fun Facts

  • The United states has no tidal power plants
  • there are two existing large tidal barrages in the world today
  • Tidal turbines are more expensive to built and maintain the wind turbines, but produces more energy. they also produce energy more constantly as the tide is constantly and the wind doesn't blow.
  • Wave and tidal energy converters are located near the coastline. It is easier to install, maintain, capture the energy, and retrieve the energy, when they are located close to the coast.

Top 5 Biggest Stations

  • Sihwa Lake tidal power station, Korea
  • La Rance tidal power station, France
  • Swansea boy tidal lagoon, U.K
  • MeyGen tidal energy project, Scotland

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