11:11 2080 By carnie, jocelyn

The name of this planet is 11:11 because it was made at that time. This planet is the earths twin, they have many things in common.

The name of the planet is 11:11
The distance between the Star and 11:11 is the same distance earth and the Star is.
The type of Star Corona

The length of the days are 20 hours

The length of the days is 20 hours

The lengths of the years is 300 days

300 days in 1 year

Summer is for half of the year and winter is one month and the rest of the year is spring and fall.

We have all the seasons

Th climate of the planet is just right for humans to live in

The climate depends on the seasons

There is a low gravitational force because there are no tsunamis

Gravitational force

I inspire you to come and live here at 11:11 during 2080.

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