What Do Veterans Think of Veterans Day By Isaias Cabrera

Ted Davis is the Chaplain at VFW post 9415

Ted Davis is a Vietnam veteran, and Chaplain at this post. He is looking forward to this year’s events.

“It’s a chance for us all to get together and remember all of our friends and our veterans, those past and present. It’s just a real nice sociable day. I really enjoy it.”

While that is the general sentiment throughout this VFW post, for some members, the day is blemished due to the treatment that Vietnam veterans received after coming back from war.

Gunther Steinbrener is the Quartermaster at VFW post 9415

Gunther Steinberger, a Vietnam veteran and Quartermaster at this post has a similarly unnerving recollection: “The public as a whole… treated us like crap when we came back. Up until recently from the other wars we’ve had, they’re finally coming up there, they’re trying to show their respect. But to me, it’s like 50 years too late.”

Daniel Gonzales visiting VFW post 9415

Daniel Gonzales is a future veteran as a US National Guard member, and this is what he thinks Veterans Day means to veterans.

“It means serving your country honorably and remembering everyone else you served with. The camaraderie, the community, everything.”

A tank outside VFW 9415


By Isaias Cabrera

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