St. Lucy "My Favorite Saint" Christy Silver

St. Lucy

Birth: 283 Ad

Death: 304 AD

Patronage: Blindness

Feast Day: December 13

The Life of lucy

Much of Lucy's history has been lost, but there are many legends about Lucy's life. All of the legends say that Lucy's mother tried arranging a marriage with a pagan man, which caused Lucy to run away and pray to Saint Agatha.

Agatha cured Lucy's mom which caused her to cancel the marriage. This caused the governor to become furious and try to force her into a life of prostitution, but no one could physically take her away when they tried because she stuck in her place, even with all the man power they had.

The men tried to set Lucy on fire, but the wood around her wouldn't burn. Her life was finally taken when the soldiers decided that they would use their swords instead.

Interesting factS

• Legends about Lucy say that she either was forced to remove her eyes by a cruel governor or she gouged her eyes out to stop a suitor who loved them.

• When her body was being prepared for her burial, her eyes were restored.

• Lucy's body is said to be scattered all around Europe, and even said to have been stolen by criminals and returned on her Feast Day.

• Lucy's name means "light" or "lucid".


St. LUcy, We aSK that you hElp Us have the confidence we need to never hide The light of our faith, Just as you did during your life on earth and your current life in heaveN. We also ask to help those who are sick and in need of your mercy. Amen.


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