Cranberry LetS have a berry good time

The cranberry has existed for thousands of years

We are going to be going over a festival about cranberries, thanksgiving and cranberries, and different events and facts about cranberries.

Warrens cranberry festival held in warren Wisconsin celebrates cranberries.

Cranberry beauty pageant queens
Two women making the cranberry pastry
Cranberry pastry
Man happy that he has a cranberry pastry

Now what would thanks giving be without cranberries

History of thanksgiving and cranberries

Cranberry scare of 1959

Cranberry scare

Ezra Taft announced he was going to have cranberries with his thanksgiving meal after a large shipment of cranberries was announced to have been contaminated. This announcement was meant to help people realize that cranberries are safe again. Even after taft's announcement it took years to have the cranberry industry recover.

Facts and myths of cranberries

Cranberries are known for their ability to stop or cure urinary tract infections, but that's not quite true. The cranberry is really good at preventing urinary tract infections, but not if you already have the infection.

When harvesting cranberries farmers actually flood the areas in order to more easily harvest the cranberry.

White cranberries are cranberries that have been harvested a couple of weeks earlier
High bush cranberries as seen above are not actually cranberries, but another plant
Since 1990 Wisconsin has been the highest producer of cranberries

Wisconsin is known for being the biggest producer in America of cranberries.


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