Mary Wollstonecraft By: Trinity wade

"If women are educated for dependence; that is, to act according to the will of another fallible being, and submit, right or wrong, to power, where are we to stop?" - Mary Wolstonecraft

This quote is saying, if men are the only ones getting education and power, how are we ever going to let a woman be dependent in what they do, or know exactly how to care to and "tend" to a man, when will the men stop controlling all things.

Mary Wollestone craft was an English raised women from the 1700s who had a huge impart on women's rights in London, England. Mary Wollstonecraft had a huge impact on women's rights, Her most prominent and important work is Vindication of the Rights of Women, which has been used during the women’s suffrage movement and the women’s fight for the vote. She also was concerned with the nature and implications of individualism, particularly how they applied to the condition of women in society. In her view, women were relegated largely to the role of domestic slaves and lacked substantive economic and political recourse. Wollstonecraft fought for women's access to professional training and for their legal and economic emancipation. With the many pieces of literary work she wrote her early work such as Thoughts on the Education of Daughters (1787) made a case of socialization, arguing that middle-class values such as reason and self-discipline could be instilled through education in children and women. She believed inferiority wasn't naturally present. Her many other pieces of work touch on subjects like, marriage, the pressures of woman to pursue romantic goals, prioritizing other relationships (like female friendships), travel narratives, male dominated female work, etc. Wollstonecraft wanted to encourage women to learn to be there own person, be educated, and also explode outside of there gender roles assigned by society. Her or in pursuit of equality for women led to her being dubbed the founder of the British Women's Rights Movement. Wollstonecraft was a radical in the sense that she desired to close the gap between man kinds present circumstances and women's rights.

Mary Wollstonecrafts impact on society was mostly influencing women to stand up for there rights. She was a big part of the Enlightment debates relating to women's rights, education reform, and the French Revolution. Her ideas caused controversy and brought attention to the horrible treatment women had been going through. Her support of women's rights would go on to figure prominently in the women's rights movement of the following two centuries. These events and her work impacted and created the British Women's Rights Movement.

Her impact on society was challenging the traditional thoughts of society about women and there roles, such as being at the will of a man and having no education.

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