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"Any work is creative work if done by a thinking mind. When you exercise your talents, they will multiply. ''Talent is good ,practice is better and passion is best''. To exercise the same, we invite all our amazing and multi-talented learners and rockstars of Xavier's to sweep us all off our feet and surprise us all with their forte by showcasing their incredible talents and skills in the upcoming event : XAVIER'S GOT TALENT. It's a show that platforms the cultures and customs of the little world of St. Xavier's High School wherein learners need to wear their thinking caps and showcase their incredible talents in the field of MUSIC, DANCE and ART. Looking for an active participation from all our super talented Xaverians.
Let Your Moves Fly



1. Each participant should give an introduction in 2 to 3 lines including the description of their dance form.

2. Individual Live Performance on MS Teams should not exceed 3 minutes.

3. Costumes/props should be used to support the dance form.

4. Inappropriate songs will lead to disqualification. Performances based on classical dance form, folk songs and western dance form will be entertained.

5. All the dazzling dance performances will be judged on the basis of the following criteria :

(A) Choreography (B) Musicality (including rhythm and the choice of song) (C) Props and costumes (D) Creativity (E) Time Limit

6. The decision taken by the jury will be final.

7. Last date to register for the Dance Event is : 20th March by 6 pm.

8. The incredible talent of Xaverians showcasing the best performances will be rewarded Grade-wise.

9. Log on to the same page for knowing the results on 26th March at 10 am.

Raise Your Mic


"Your thoughts, our treat'' XGT-2021 Season-1 Feedback

Classes V to VIII

I am really grateful to all the teachers and the school management to come up with such a nice concept. I really wanted to perform like this and you all gave me this opportunity today. I am feeling like a rockstar today. Thank you all.(Agamya Modi- 6D)

We are impressed and grateful with the level of energy, communication, professionalism, friendliness, expertise and skill that the teachers have shown. There is no way the kids would have staged their potential without them. We would like to thank the entire team for organizing such a wonderful event and providing the little champs the platforms and opportunities to showcase their potential. (Parents of Priyanshi Vashist)

A much awaited exposure was given to the kids to prove their potential and talent. I am really thankful to the school management for organizing the event like this. My daughter felt extremely happy to get her feedback from the judges. (Vrishti 6-E)

I am very thankful to the school and our teachers for organising such a wonderful event. I am ecstatic to be a part of this event. I am very thankful to our music teachers and judged who were very supportive and shared their valueable feedback with us. Thank you for giving us a platform for showcasing our abilities. Thank you once again. (Nandini Prabhakar Grade 8-C)

Dear Sir/Mam it was very valunerable event which gave our children to come out their inner talent and showcase on school platform. I would like to recommend such events should be happened on time to time and give chance to all potential student to perform. Thanks, From AryamanPandey's parents. Class 6E.

The musical competition organized by the school today was a refreshing event after focusing on the studies since last many weeks. Aditya enjoyed the complete event very much and the complete event was very well organized. Thank you for organizing the event. (Aditya Gupta 5-C)

Classes III & IV

Thanks you Team Xavier's and music teachers for organizing such an amazing event 👍👍.. Irene thoroughly enjoyed it. (Irene Majumder 3-E)

I would like to thank all the teachers and the school for providing this opportunity to the kids where they can showcase their talent and at the same time have fun. In trying times like these the kids had something to look forward too even during their holidays. The encouragement and appreciation given to students goes a long way in motivating them. Thank you. Best Regards. Harpreet (Daksh Shota 4A)

The musical competition organized by the school was a refreshing event for the kids after their exams. My daughter enjoyed the event very much and the complete event was very well organized. Thank you for organizing the event. (Shravya Moorjani IV F)

Dear teachers, Today's talent hunt indeed was fantastic. It was a good time to engage kids in these artistic activities. It does help in making them learn and rehearse and work hard even post the official culmination of school curriculum. My daughter Anika really was looking forward to this event and was very confident to select the song, practice, look for karaoke and get it done, all on her own. Hats off to you all for being such a booster for the kids. Many thanks, Ruchika Srivastava Mothe of (Anika Mishra 4-A)

Thanks to all the teachers for giving this wonderful opportunity to the kids for showcasing their talent. Today’s event was great fun and I am sure the feedback will help the children to raise their performance further. Sayra really enjoyed the whole event🤗. (Sayra Sardana)

Thank you so much judges for helping these kids to showcase their talent. It was indeed wonderful event today. (Vanya Thapar 4-D)

Thanks so much for organising such a melodious event. Kudos to the teachers and students for such amazing performances. Neeta Bembey mother of (Praneel Bembey 4-A)

Thank you teachers for organizing this event. My daughter has been looking forward for this ever since it was announced. She enjoyed THOROUGHLY being a part of this event as she loves to sing..and here she was doing what she enjoys...Thank you very much. (Aaradhya Jha 3-E)

Thank you teachers for staging this. This was first such event for the kids to openly sing (except normal classes). Keep doing this! (Dhruv Jain 4-G)

Thank you teachers for such wonderful event. (Arittoma Das 3-B)

Art Beyond Creativity



1. To present the art work, participants can choose any one topic from the following themes- 'Travel Diaries'' or ''Connecting India''.

2.Participants should use an A4 size sheet to create their work of art for this Live event on MS Teams.

3. Any medium of colours can be chosen .

4. Sixty minutes will be provided to complete the art work.

5. Exceeding the time limit will lead to deduction in marks.

6. Name ,class and section of the participant should be written on the sheet where art work is done. Entries without the same information will be disqualified.

7. After the Live Art Event, participants should submit their piece of art by clicking and sharing clear pictures of their entries on the given email-ids :

swthemlatameena@gmail.com (for Grades - lll-lV)

nehasinghartist@gmail.com (for Grades- V-Vl)

email2anu10@gmail.com (for Grades - Vll-Vlll)

8. Subject line of the email should comprise of the following :

a) Name of the participant b) Class and section c) Selected theme

9. Judgement will be on the basis of the following criteria : (A) Creativity And Originality (B) Uniqueness and Neatness (C) Overall Presentation (D) Relevance as per the theme (E) Time Limit

10.The decision taken by the jury will be final.

11. Last date to register for this artistic event is : 20th March by 6 pm.

11.The incredible talent of Xaverians showcasing the best performances will be rewarded Grade-wise.

12. Log on to the same page for knowing the results on 26th March at 10am.



(1) Let Your Moves Fly

Ms. Sriharitha Janga

A trained Kuchipudi dancer ( A classical dance form from Andhra Pradesh) with a wide experience in giving live performances and conducting multiple training sessions for children and adults. The uniqueness of her expertise lies in the sheer love for this dance form.

Mr. Arun Sharma

A talented Western Dance choreographer trained from Shiamak Davar International Pvt. Ltd. with a wide experience of performing at various events like IIFA, TOIFA, Star Parivar and many more. The uniqueness of his expertise lies in the sheer love for all dance forms and delivering enjoyable, structured and well-planned dance activities to students. .

Ms. Ritika Arora

A trained choreographer from Amritsar, Punjab who is a Guinness Book World Record Holder for choreographing 10,000 children for a dance performance. Since last 5 years, she had been following her passion for dance by training the learners of all age groups for various styles and dance forms like Kathak, Semi-Classical, Western, Hip-Hop, Bollywood and Folk Dance.

(2) Raise Your Mic

Ms. Smruti Jalpur

An accomplished musician who has honed her craft for over a decade. Through her training as well as practice, she has gained a mastery of vastly different genres, from Jazz to Indie to Blues. Her love for students has made her a wonderful music facilitator as well.

Mr, Shashank Edward

A trained musician in Western Classical Piano from Royal School Of Music, London. He has a wide experience in giving live performances. He is always ready to share his skills with budding musicians. His style of teaching is highly methodical with equal emphasis on theory and practicality.

Mr. Pritesh Kumar

A trained Patiala Gharana singer from an esteemed institution, Shri Ram Kala Kendra, Delhi. He has a wide experience of performing live for the famous show, 'The Voice', Nepal . He believes singing is an art and always believes in increasing his knowledge of singing and performing by sharing the same with budding musicians .

(3) Art Beyond Creativity

Ms. Tanushree Chatterjee Mishra

A Professional Fine Art Artist and a Fashion Designer from NIFT who has an expertise in various Art forms. She is a dedicated artist who believes that Art enhances the well-being of individuals. She is also a firm believer of the power that Art has .

Ms. Anamika

A goal-driven and dedicated artist who loves to play with colours. She is a crafter and works with clay murals, resins, decoupage , mix media, sculpture art, siporex carving, tile mosaic and wall art textures. She has worked as a fashion merchandiser with home furnishings and leather goods and is currently working at St. Xavier's High School, Sector- 49 Gurugram. She has a wide experience of teaching for around 10 years as a renowned Art and Craft facilitator. She is also a registered teacher in Pidilite industry as for her 'Art is beyond one's imagination'.

Ms. Hemlata

A dedicated artist from Kurukshetra University who is working currently as an Art teacher at St. Xavier's High School. She is a fine artist whose work has been selected for various national exhibitions. She believes in engaging students in the creative process of learning and understanding various art forms.

Ms. Neha Singh

An abstract painter and a creative educator who pursued and completed her education from the University of Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya (IKSVV) , Chhattisgarh. She is a multitasker who has shown her innovative and creative side in the field of Paper Crafting and Interior Designing. She is currently working as an Art Educator at St. Xavier's High School. Her passion for painting leads her towards a peaceful life.