October 2020 KIDS CLUB

Hello Kids Club families! Another month wraps up, and we are excited to fill you in on our latest activities! The children have adapted and now are independently navigating our classroom. The students know their daily routine for example; outdoor/indoor recess, transitioning into snack time and much more. We go over our daily station. Our friends then have the chance to cycle through the station of the day and pick out their material of choice from their own personal shelf for free play!

Art Station -Mrs.Devi

The children had fun decorating their pumpkins at the art station.

This month we had fun exploring the joys of Autumn in our Art station!
We were able to make some spooky ghosts!!

Ms. Poirier guided our kids club kids in exploring the scientific concepts of observation and Data collection at the science station this month!

Before Halloween Ms. Poirier talked about what happens when we eat too much candy! Our friend Jack-o-Lantern gave us a first hand example of what could happen!

Everyone had the opportunity to go out and find yellow, brown, green and red leaves. We then recorded our findings in a leaf chart and took them home so that we can see some of the many colors that change on the trees around us during autumn!

Science Station-Mrs.Poirier

Kids Club explored the psychological concepts of optical illusions, in our science station as well! We took a look at the tricks our eyes can play on us when we look at pictures as well as in real life as shown in the broken pencil experiment!

We explored our creativity!

The children loved being able to express their artistic skills with our coloring work this month!

Gym Station-Mrs.Jha
Presenting of some fun and interesting activities for kids through traffic signals.

Wednesday Gym has been very busy! Each week after snack Mrs. Jha divides the children into groups and will lead them in other classrooms, or if weather is nice, outside for gym. The first two weeks the children explored fascinating obstacle courses using hand and feet hints, showing them how to get around. It was super fun, crazy, and tested large motor skills immensely! Also while learning about stoplights in the classrooms, Mrs. Mrs.Jha developed a parade around the perimeters teaching them each perimeter using the signals Green:RUN Yellow:WALK Red:STOP

Brother and sister relationship is like music, some high notes and slow notes but always a sweet melody!

Fridays have remained the same as last month. On Fridays the children gather in kids club, do a few energy based exercises, gather around the large projector and relax with popcorn and a movie! The Last Friday of October we even were lucky enough to participate in pumpkin carving!

Thank you for the outstanding opportunity to work with your children everyday! Have a wonderful and safe week! See you later, alligator!

Early Childhood education is the key to the betterment of society-Maria Montessori