Seniors Decorate Grad Caps at Leadership's Decision Day Brynn Baker

Last Wednesday, Leadership held a decision day and grad cap pick-up. As a part of the ongoing Senior festivities that Leadership is offering, seniors were welcomed to the PAC Cafe patio to enjoy donuts, cap decorating, and more.

A large banner welcomed seniors to the event.
Senior Shane Dunlevie hands out caps and gowns to other seniors arriving at the event.
Upon entering the celebration, seniors were greeted by parent volunteers, and boxes of donuts.

Members of the Class of 2021 flocked to the event, wearing college-gear, and beginning to plan their graduation cap designs.

A station complete with decorative paper, stickers, and more, allowing seniors a space to work on their grad cap designs. Some worked on their caps at the event, and others collected materials and brought their supplies home to finish.