Town of Pittsfield My local government

  • Issue: Fireman and Firetruck, Another man has been added to the fire department. Also, they fire department is getting another firetruck.
  • Issue: Community Park, They are looking for lighting systems for park.
  • Issue: School Road Bridge, Town Engineer, clerk, and deputy clerk will work at itemizing the bill for for School Road bridge.
  • Issue: Humane Officer, Future paychecks for humane officer will be made out to village of Howard because she is now employed by them.
  • Issue: Missing person, Victoria Prokopovitz went missing and her reward has been raised.

The issue I choose is with the fireman and firetruck. The Town of Pittsfield is handling the situation by supporting the local towns to unite in getting another firetruck. Also, they are adding another person to the fire department. I agree with how they are handling the situation mostly. If the fire department are doing fine without another firetruck, why spend the extra money when it could go to something else.

An interesting fact about my event is that all municipalities in question of if they want a new firetruck voted yes except the Town of Chase.

Map of Pittsfield

Address of Town Hall: 3041 Kunesh North Road


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