Input and output devices MArc williams

An input device is any hardware device that sends data to a computer, allowing you to interact with and control the computer. The picture shows a Logitech trackball mouse, an example of an input device. The most commonly used or primary input devices on a computer are the keyboard and mouse.All input and output devices are known as peripherals.Cameras and USB flash drives are storage, neither input nor output.

Examples of Input devices are Keyboard, mouse, mic, camera.

A mouse is an input device, operated by the person using the computer.The cursor is shown on the screen when you drag the mouse.

Examples of Output devices are Monitor, cam, speakers, projectors.

A monitor is an output device, that displays a screen.The cursor for the mouse and any words typed by the keyboard are shown on this output device.

Ipad or Chromebook screens are input and output, because they send and receive data.It is the touchscreen that sends and receives when you touch it.

A rain sensor is an automatic input device.It will sense the rain on the car windscreen and automatically activate the wipers.

Street lights have sensors that sense the brightness of the sky and activate when it gets dark.Some street light are on a time setting and turn on at night.


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