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Egypt's Climate

Egypt is known to be one of the hottest place tourists visit throughout the nation. Approximately It's temperature ranges from about 101 to 112 degrees, with a lot of humidity. The tourists there most likely wear all 100% cotton clothing and sandals.

Why Did We Choose Egypt ?

Our group has entrepreneurship literacy and we decided to choose Egypt as our country. One reason we choose Egypt is due to the high level of tourism. Last year 14.7 million tourist visited Egypt. This granted them with about 11 billion dollars. Also, our second reason for choosing Egypt is because of their hot climate. Our product, a solar powered fan, will help keep the people cool during the hot weather. In some cases, hot climate can be dangerous to citizen's health. This is why we chose to make our fan safety device for Egypt.

Our Solar Powered Fan

For our fan we will use the little bits and a medicine bottle. We connect the battery to get power for our fan, then connect the light sensor which controls when the fan spins, and lastly we connect the fan to the light sensor. We put all of the little bit components in the medicine bottle and then we will cut an opening at the top where the fan will stay.

This fan would be very cost effective and it will be very easy to build. This fan would have a huge positive impact on the people of Egypt, helping them deal with their hot climate. This product would be very effective and useful for the population of Egypt.


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